• Islam is a Religion of Universal Mercy

    Life is God’s foremost and most manifest blessing, and the true and everlasting life is that of the Hereafter. Since we can deserve this life by pleasing God, He sent Prophets and revealed Scriptures out of His compassion for us. For this reason, while mentioning His blessing upon humanity in sura Al-Rahman (the All-Mercifull), He begins: Al-Rahman, He taught the Qurr’an, created humanity, and taught it speech (55:1-4).

    All aspects of this life are a rehearsal for the afterlife, and every creatureis engaged toward this end. Order evident n every effort, and compassion resides in every achievement. Some “natural” events or social convulsions may seem disagreeable at first, but should not regard them as incompatible with compassion. They are like dark clouds or lightning and thunder that, although frightening, nevertheless bring us good tiding of rain. Thus the whole universe praises the All-Compassionate.
    Prophet Muhammad is like a spring of pure water in the heart of desert, a source of light in all-enveloping darkness. Mercy was like a magical key in the Prophet’s hands, for with it he opened hearts that were so hardened and rusty that no one thought they could be opened . But e did even more: he lit a torch of belief in them.
    God’s Messenger preached Islam, the religion of universal mercy. However, some self-proclaimed humanists say it is “a religion of the sword.” This is completely wrong.
    Similarly, it is quite important to apportion compassion and identify who deserves it, for “compassion for wrongdoers makes them more aggressive and encourages them to works against others. In fact, true compassion requires that such people be prevented from doing wrong , when God’s Messenger told his Compassions to help people when they were just and unjust, they asked him to explain this seeming in paradox. He replied: “ You help such so, compassion requires that those who cause trouble either be deprived of their means for doing so or be stopped. Otherwise, they eventually will take control and do as they please.