Islam literally means “surrender.” Islam is the religion of contentment, security and peace. These principles are so commonplace in a muslims life that when he stops to pray salat he cuts off all ties with the world, bows and prostrates before God and then he stands with hands clasped in respect. When he comes out of prayer, it is like starting a new life. He ends the prayer by greeting those to t his left and right and wishing them health, security and peace, then goes and joins the other people.
    Greeting others and wishing them peac are considered among the most auspicious acts that are done in Islam. Indeed, when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was asked, “What the most auspicious act in Islam?” he replied, “Giving food to others and greeting all thse you know and do not know.”

    Accusations of Terrorism
    It is great shame that Islam, which is based on those tents, is seen by others to be the same as terrorism. This is a huge historical mistake because as we pointed out above, for a system based and peace and security to be associated with terrorism first and foremost shows that those people know nothing of the spirit of Islam and are unable to grasp it through their own souls. One should seek Islam throughout history, and not through the actions of a tiny minority that misrepresent it. The truth is that there is no harshness and bigotry in Islam. It is entirely a religion of forgiveness and tolerance. Such plllars of Yessevi, Bediuzzaman and similar figures expressed this aspect of Islam most beautifully and went down in history as examples of this affection and tolerance.

    Jihad in Islam
    Jihad is element of Islam based on certain specific principles aimed at removing all the obstacles to the defense or the exaltation of the name of god. We can cite numerous examples throughout history in connection with this topic. As nations we put up a sterling defense on many fronts such as Canakkale and Trablusgrap. Had we not, were we going to say to these enemies intent on occupying our country, “You have come to make us civilized. That’s good of you. Welcome. Look, you’ve brought soldiers!” There are always going to be battles, which are an inescapable reality of humanity. However, the verses in the Koran revealed to Muhammad (pbuh) specifying conditions for jihad are misinterpreted by others to mean the main aim of Islam. In essence, these people, who have failed to grasp the true spirit of Islam, are unable to strike a balance between the broad and finer points and this, when coupled to the fact they are consumed with hatred, leads them to misinterpret Islam, whereas the breast of genuine Muslims community is full of loveand affections for all creation. Apoet once wrote: Muhammad was begotten of affection; withaot Muhammad what comes of affection!